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Warren J. Bleiweiss, M.D.

Dr. Bleiweiss is Board Certified for both Anesthesiology and Pain Management. He has been treating patients seeking relief from chronic and acute injury pain for 30 years with minimally invasive procedures.  His expert diagnostic skills, advanced testing methods and solid clinical judgement consistently result in patients’ satisfaction after experiencing dramatic treatment results.

Dr. Bleiweiss graduated from Boston University, magna cum laude and New York University School of Medicine.  He completed his internship in internal medicine at New York University Medical Center and his residency and fellowship in both anesthesiology and pain management at Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Montefiore Medical Center in New York.  As a result of his interest in alternative medicine, Dr. Bleiweiss also studied acupuncture, prolotherapy, Proliferative Therapy and neural therapy as well as orthopedic Medicine.

​Dr. Bleiweiss closely follows new research and treatment modalities as part of his lifelong professional dedication.  He believes in the body’s natural healing potential and applies the newest proven non-surgical treatment methods.  He specializes in the award winning regenerative medicine A2M injection therapy to treat patients with many pain conditions such as spinal diseases, herniated disc, acute or chronic pain of the neck, shoulders, back, Knees, wrists and ankles. A2M is a proven technology as an advanced regenerative medicine treatment protocol to treat painful orthopedic conditions without surgery.

In addition, Dr. Bleiweiss continues his lifelong pursuits in helping patients with disc and joint problems with proven and effective non-surgical alternatives such as medical ozone injection therapy.  In fact, Dr. Bleiweiss pioneered oxygen-ozone disc injection therapy in the United States.  He continues to be a top expert in this field and performs ozone disc, joint, and muscle injections routinely and successfully. For more information, visit our sister site dedicated to medical oxygen ozone injection therapy at www.alternativedisctherapy.com.

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Daniela Couto, Office Manager

​Daniela Couto is our office manager. She has been with our practice for 20 years, managing the day to day operations.

Since we have multiple office locations and are affiliated with 3 surgery centers and 2 hospitals, it is not simple to make sure all scheduling is coordinated well to make patients flow smoothly. That also includes accommodating for unexpected situations such as delayed procedures, traffic jams, and additional patients’ emergency requests. Daniela also handles pre-certification with various insurance companies for patients so when they come to our office, that work is completed for them. She provides technical assistance during physical evaluations and office procedures. She also has a very important job to keep patients’ information safe and protected and be sure that the office is compliant with HIPAA rules.

Daniela is very kind, understanding and approachable to patients. We regularly hear from patients that they have a pleasant experience with our office staff. Daniela tries hard to make our office a relaxed and pleasant space for our patients.

She is a graduate of Berkeley College with a BA in Business Administration. She is fluent in both Portuguese and Spanish and proves to be invaluable to patients with limited English. Daniela is happily married for 22 years. She and her husband are actively involved in their community. They enjoy traveling and spending time with the family.

Renee Eckert, Assistant

Renee has been with our practice for 14 years. Prior to this, she worked in West Hudson Hospital emergency room for 5 years. She also worked for an internal medicine doctor for 5 years before that.

While in our practice, Renee experienced an acute neck and upper back pain and spasm one day. Dr. Bleiweiss treated her with ozone injections. She had immediate relief from the injections and is happy to discuss her own experience with patients.

She enjoys working in our practice because she feels that Dr. Bleiweiss truly loves helping patients. As a team, she always does her best to help patients have an enjoyable and relaxed experience. Our patients love her and express it regularly.

Renee assists Daniela to run our office day to day operations and perform many tasks every day. Her primary focus is on making sure that patients’ calls are answered or returned, questions are answered and stepping in for Daniela anytime. She plays an important role in transcribing many daily medical record dictations.

Renee is the mother of 3 wonderful sons who have been proudly serving in the US Army. They have all been on tours to Afghanistan and Iraq. We are extremely proud of Renee for having raised 3 fabulous individuals. Renee has been happily married to Tom for 9 years and they enjoy many activities together.

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